St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Arty Party at St Mary's

The School Council asked for the area by the main staircase to be brightened up.  Arty Party worked with Y3 and Y5 last week.  It was decided to create large canvas paintings.

Children worked with two artists and agreed what the end result should look like. The canvas was painted to create a bright background and then the hard work began - painting on the different scenes.

There was a link with history as Y3 opted for Egyptian scenes and Y5 for Greek scenes.  They are wonderful and bright so well done to the School Council for suggesting this.

Arty Party also worked with our EYFS (Nursery and Reception) who wanted to brighten up their outdoor areas.  Sparkling mosaics were created and these certainly glisten in the sun.

We hope everyone enjoys looking at our art work.  It was a great week.