Daily Mile 2017

Daily Mile

The Daily Mile was introduced to St Mary’s children this week. White track marks can be seen in both playgrounds and eight laps=one mile. Many children have already managed this but others are taking it more slowly! That is fine as we want to build up stamina/fitness over time. The Daily Mile has been introduced in many schools throughout the UK and parents may already have heard about the reasons behind it.


PE lessons carry on as normal each week and the Daily Mile is in addition. When the teachers feel their children need a bit of exercise to wake them up, they go out for a short while and run around the playgrounds using the track marks as a guide. The feedback so far has been great with children/staff feeling it has many benefits. They return to class feeling more awake and ready to settle down to work again. Even our Nursery children are having a go. Older children were taking them around in the beginning which was so lovely to see.