Fireworks at St Mary's

There was a splendid gathering at the weekend with Infant children attending the first display and older children the second. Hot food was served throughout along with refreshments so it was a great evening of family entertainment. There were cries of excitement as the fireworks made patterns in the sky and the classical music, which accompanied the fireworks, was just perfect.  Former pupils who have formed a band turned up to entertain the crowd between the two displays. The boys were very good as usual and should go far!

Well done to members of the PA who turned out in force to ensure this event was successful. It is always a great team effort with many volunteers turning up early in the day to set up and returning afterwards to ensure everywhere is left tidy. As one family said on the night-what a great community spirit there is here so WELL DONE!


Many thanks to everyone who supported the fireworks evening last Saturday.  The crowds were amazing.  The PA's treasurer, Ms Leanne Naughton, is so pleased to report that approx. £6200 profit was made on the night.  What fantastic news!   We had great weather, despite the earlier rain, and the display was amazing.