History Workshop

I had a great couple of days and learnt so much. Thank you Mrs Arundell and Ken for making it lovely.



Very colourful and enjoyable. A fun way to learn and for the parents too

Y3 Parent


I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Best assembly ever.

Lisa Garrity


Really enjoyable. Children were excellent and have learned so much. They looked as if they had enjoyed all the learning.

Trixie’s Nan


What a truly wonderful way to learn. So different from my school days.

Ella’s Granny


My daughter enjoyed this topic so much. She said Ken was the most interesting person she has ever met and could have listened to him talking for a year!

Thank you


Mrs Badiane


I thought the assembly was great. The children looked fabulous, the music was entertaining and funny and the smiles on their faces said it all. Thank you. Also, thank you so much for Ken’s input. This brought History alive.

Y3 parent