Kent Life Y6

Year 6 visited Kent Life for their World War 2 day. Everyone dressed up as evacuees with an identification card and gas mask box. We enjoyed a range of activities including making rag rugs as part of learning how to 'make do and mend' due to the rationing of clothing. We also took part in the 'dig for victory' activity in which we learnt about farming during the war, including turning football pitches into allotments! We were inspected and initiated into the Home Guard. We were also billeted and chosen by host families then wrote letters back to our families we had left. We met in an air raid shelter and learnt about how to behave in case of an attack. We worked as part of a team to pass water down a line to put out a burning building on fire. We learnt about radar and took part of flight command as well as visiting a bus used in the war to escort evacuees. Overall we had a fun packed day and learnt lots!