Life Bus

During this week, the children at St Mary's has been privileged to have the Life Bus come in to work with them on looking after their bodies.  Inside this Life Bus, there are lots of educational resources including Tami (an interactive light up model showing organs inside the body), videos, music and images.

As well as a Talking Brain - lets not forget Harold the Giraffe!

The girls and boys have had an amazing time learning about how to keep their bodies happy, healthy and safe.  Each class has been looking at a different topic/theme.


The Life Bus is a great thing to help us to learn all about the human body. The most interesting fact I learned was that when you do talents, it all comes from your brain. It was all very fun! By Finley L

I thought the Life Bus was really thrilling because you could learn all about the body and how it worked. I enjoyed when one of the voices on the TV said in a very deep voce ‘Did someone mention brain!’ It was so exciting. By Archie

The Life Bus was so cool! It was all glowing light on top of the ceiling as if I were star gazing. It made me feel so excited. By Finlay C

We saw a giraffe called Harold and he sang for us. We helped to solve his problem with his penguin friend called Derek. When the lights turned off, it made me feel scared and excited at the same time. It was really fun. By Erin

I felt really excited when we went into the Life Bus because all different parts of the body lit up and I learnt so many things. It was fun and I hope they come again. By Witold