Our Thank you Notes


The children made thank you notes thanking teachers, TAs, dinner ladies etc.

Here are just a few examples –

To Miss Perrin – thank you for making wonderful pictures in our class. From Holly

Thank you Mrs Rivron for teaching me new things and making lessons fun and for being kind and caring. Oliver K.

Thank you Mrs Reilly for organising art week. I had such fun as I do every year. From Nia.

Thank you Miss McCann for being such a wonderful teacher and it’s a pleasure to be taught by you. By Finley.

Dear Linda, Thank you for fixing everything in the school and for making it nice and fresh. Love Ella.

Dear Mrs Arundell,

Thank you for all the lovely lessons. You have taught me a lot! Love Eloise.

Dear Cleaner,

Thank you for coming in after school to clean up after us. Thank you for making the school clean and tidy for us in the morning. Anon.

I would like to thank Mr McGrath for doing PE with us. William Horton.