Road Safety

Y4 worked with Julie from Road Safety Awareness. She was delighted to see such enthusiasm and thought some of the questions asked were really interesting. Our youngsters are aware of what to look out for but believed they had no choice about the transport to school issue. Many children would prefer to cycle but understood why parents felt uneasy about it.

The following day saw Julie and her colleague, Camilla, join our parents for a coffee morning. The ladies explained in more depth about traffic awareness around primary schools. At present, 50% of our parents drive to school but quite often live within easy walking/cycling distance so the ladies were trying to encourage more to leave the car at home! If this was not possible, the other option of park and walk should be considered.

This would mean less congestion around the main roads leading up to St Mary’s. The decision reached was to introduce focus groups alongside Greenwich Council to raise awareness amongst our pupils.