St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Victorian Assembly

Y2 children prepared their assembly and dressed up on the day, remembering to wear Victorian clothes. The girls wore frilly haps and aprons whilst the boys had short trousers and flat caps. Mrs Hansen dressed as teachers did in those days with a long black skirt and a frilly long sleeved blouse tied at the neck. Her cane looked quite intimidating and no-one wanted to be at the receiving end of that! Ms O’Hagan had a stern face and couldn’t see why children wanted to have fun. Her punishment of finger stocks was cruel. If you got a sum wrong, it was the Dunce’s hat for you! Some children had to wear this day after day as they couldn’t get their work right. PE wasn’t much fun and to call it Drill seemed rather strange. Walking up and down like soldiers wasn’t our idea of PE. The assembly showed the games played outside. They were all simple, wooden games made by Dads and Uncles. School work may seem hard in 2016 but the variety of activities make each day so much better than the VICTORIAN DAYS.

Well done to the staff in Y2.