St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Y2 have a Victorian Day

St Mary's is transformed into a Victorian School.

Miss Crew and Ms Muscatt were so strict this week and the cane looked menacing!  Pupils were silent as they stood to attention.  No-one dared to say a word unless a question was directed at them!  Rote learning was hard to accept and certainly not as fun as present day learning.  Everyone felt sorry for the child in the corner who couldn't do the work (only acting).  If you helped a child in class and the teacher saw you, it would mean the cane for sure on your bare hand.  PE was certainly different.  Marching around in our Victorian clothes was so restricting.  It didin't seem like PE to most children.  When the Inspector arrived, the teachers looked white.  We wanted to answer all our questions and show that we were good pupils.  Our teachers smiled when the Inspector left.  What a relief!  It has been interesting sitting in rows and very different but we want our normal classroom BACK.