Parents' Association

There is a very active PA at St Mary's.  The school benefits from the brilliant fundraising events throughout the year.  Recently, laptops were purchased for the Juniors.  This will allow children to have easier ICT access across the curriculum.  Besides raising money, the PA organises many events such as the Dragon boat race, Quiz Night, Race Night, Discos, Summer Fayre, Fashion Show etc.  It is a fabulous way of making new friends.

We are always looking to welcome new committee members to join the PA. It is great to feel you are giving back something to the school and raising money which directly benefits all of our children.  If you would like to get involved, or just have a chat about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the PA or leave a message with the Office, and someone will be in touch.




There was a splendid gathering at the weekend with Infant children attending the first display and older children the second. Hot food was served throughout along with refreshments so it was a great evening of family entertainment. There were cries of excitement as the fireworks made patterns in the sky and the classical music, which accompanied the fireworks, was just perfect.  Former pupils who have formed a band turned up to entertain the crowd between the two displays. The boys were very good as usual and should go far!

Well done to members of the PA who turned out in force to ensure this event was successful. It is always a great team effort with many volunteers turning up early in the day to set up and returning afterwards to ensure everywhere is left tidy. As one family said on the night-what a great community spirit there is here so WELL DONE!

Children's Disco

Three separate events for the different ages ensures this is a popular evening for our children.  They return to school in their party clothes, ready to dance and showcase their party moves.


Christmas Wreath Making

Once again, this popular event returned to St Mary's.  So many people return each year to create beautiful wreaths for their front doors.  Well done to the PA.  A lot of hard work goes into this event.


Thank you to all who attended another successful Firework display.  The evening was enjoyed by many.  Again our past pupils put on a wonderful performance for us all to enjoy.  Our thanks to the support given by parents, PA, staff and Mrs Kingdon who go out of their way to ensure a fantastic, fun evening for all ages.  The treasurer of the PA, Ms Leanne Naughton, is so pleased to report that £3,350k profit was made on the night.  A big thanks to Ms Tovey, Chair of the PA, for co-ordinating the evening.

Summer Fayre


The crowds gathered as the music played. The stalls looked inviting and everyone was having fun with children enjoying the games and bouncy castles whilst adults tucked into the BBQ food. There was something for everyone. Suddenly, the dark clouds passed overhead and the rain came down. Former pupils were playing music and singing but had to abandon their session. What a pity! It was all going so well. A big thank you to Ms Tovey who organised the whole event. So much work goes into planning these days but unfortunately, we cannot count on the weather. Well done to all the parents and children who supported this event.


Mothering Sunday

Children enjoyed purchasing the beautiful Mothering Sunday gifts. A variety of gifts are put on display and once the children choose their particular gift, a beautifully wrapped gift is taken away. Over the past three years, this event has become so popular. A few Mums spend time wrapping the presents and there are always smiles as children gleefully take their gift away, knowing their own Mums will be delighted on the special day.




Wreath Making

Once again, the adults created the most beautiful Christmas Wreaths. It is quite competitive with some displaying huge bows and baubles! Everyone leaves feeling very happy and satisfied, taking home a beautiful and festive wreath. Well done to Mrs Naughton who went up to the market at 4am to collect everything and to Mrs Tate for assisting on the day.