At St Mary's, every class follows the programme 'The Way, the Truth & the Life'.

 10% of the timetable is allocated to the teaching of RE each week and Christ is firmly at the centre of our teaching.

 Each week, the children have assemblies and hymn practices, linked to RE.


Carol Service.

Every year, the Juniors have a Carol Service at Christchurch.  Parents and other family members are warmly invited to join us.  Our Music specialist prepares the children and a range of carols/readings are shared with the congregation.  It really helps to make our Christmas celebrations rather special.


Nativity Play.

The Infants take great joy in performing to their parents each year.  Y2 children take the lead but are ably assisted by YR and Y1.  Even our Nursery children join in by singing a beautiful song at the beginning.


Easter Service.

Every year, our children prepare a very moving Easter Service.  They look back at Christ's life and his death.  Our children know the importance of Lent and Easter.  Readings are carefully chosen, along with hymns and reflections to make this Service very special.


Following the Church Year.

Fr John works alongside the teachers to ensure the Church Year is followed very carefully.  A full programme is in place for all classes to follow.  Fr John's visits to the classes link closely to the RE topics undertaken and the Church Year.

Y5 Pilgrimage February 2017

The Y5 classes went on a pilgrimage for refugees. They stopped at different stations along the way and reflected on them. Each station had a special focus and included a map, a passport, a family portrait, a rucksack and some bread. They ended their pilgrimage in the Convent for prayer and reflection. Each child shared their hopes and prayers for the refugees around the world.




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Every 4 years the whole school visits Aylesford Priory.