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Year 1

About Our Year Group

Welcome to Year 1. 

Your teachers are Mrs Piechota (Class D) and Mrs Harkin/Mrs Holmes (Class C).

Support staff: Mrs J Evans and Mrs Lleshi.

You will have a very exciting time this year. You will learn lots of new things and you can start going to the after school clubs.

You will also have the opportunity to visit interesting places such as The Toy Museum!

We know you will really enjoy your time in year 1. So why not take a look at our Year Group Galleries.




Y1 Art Week (5 images)

Look how much fun we had during Art Week.

Created: 18 Jul 17 12:13 | Last modified: 18 Jul 17 12:14

Inside the Classroom (25 images)

Learning together is great! We enjoy helping each other and sharing ideas about what we have learnt.

Created: 12 Mar 17 20:19 | Last modified: 12 Mar 17 20:39

Bhangra Dancers (6 images)

'Four by Four' Bhangra Group from Gravesend entertained us with the folk dance from the Punjab in Northern India. We practised some bhangra dance routines and enjoyed the sound of the dhol - a double-sided barrel drum.

Created: 12 Mar 17 19:21 | Last modified: 12 Mar 17 19:57

Year 1 Christmas (20 images)

We had lots of fun getting ready for Christmas.

Created: 3 Jan 17 14:08 | Last modified: 3 Jan 17 14:19

The Museum of Childhood (17 images)

In History lessons we have been learning about toys from the past. We enjoyed looking and playing with the toys at the museum.

Created: 3 Jan 17 13:46 | Last modified: 3 Jan 17 14:04

Infant Nativity 2016 (15 images)

Created: 19 Dec 16 15:54 | Last modified: 19 Dec 16 15:55

Our Visitors (18 images)

We have been lucky to have a number of visitors to help us find out more about the different topics.

Created: 16 Nov 16 08:28 | Last modified: 16 Nov 16 08:36

Bible Stories (19 images)

We have enjoyed listening to and acting out some Bible stories.

Created: 16 Nov 16 08:14 | Last modified: 16 Nov 16 08:25

Display (6 images)

Since starting school in September we have been very hard at work. Please look at some of our beautiful displays.

Created: 16 Nov 16 08:05 | Last modified: 16 Nov 16 08:12

Sports Day (24 images)

Run! Run! Run! Have Fun! Fun! Fun!

Created: 15 Jul 16 16:51 | Last modified: 8 Nov 16 14:58

Kent Life (29 images)

We enjoyed our visit to the Kent Life museum which helped with our history topic. We saw lots of exciting homes and houses from the past and had a bumpy ride on the tractor.

Created: 15 Jul 16 16:34 | Last modified: 15 Jul 16 17:05

Science and learning about life cycles (13 images)

We watched our tiny caterpillars grow and change into beautiful butterflies. Then we let them fly away and enjoy God's wonderful world!

Created: 13 Jul 16 12:14 | Last modified: 13 Jul 16 12:29

RE Week (27 images)

We really enjoyed our RE week and all the activities that helped us learn more about our faith.

Created: 13 Jul 16 11:35 | Last modified: 13 Jul 16 12:09

Learning together (6 images)

We love to learn together.

Created: 14 Jun 16 13:19 | Last modified: 14 Jun 16 13:20

Y1 Baptism at Christchurch (5 images)

Y1 visited Christchurch to talk about Baptism. We re-enacted a Baptism, the baby was called Mary.

Created: 23 Mar 16 14:06 | Last modified: 23 Mar 16 14:10

Infant Nativity 2015 (5 images)

Created: 2 Mar 16 13:08 | Last modified: 2 Mar 16 13:09

School Disco (8 images)

We had fun, fun, fun, dancing the night away!

Created: 10 Feb 16 17:28 | Last modified: 10 Feb 16 17:31

Learning Together (37 images)

We love learning in Year 1! We work together, help each other and have lots of fun!

Created: 22 Jan 16 18:32 | Last modified: 10 Feb 16 17:26

Book Week (27 images)

We have had a wonderful time celebrating Book Week! We enjoyed the inspirational sessions with the visiting authors, dressing up as our favourite book characters and reading lots of amazing stories in class.

Created: 22 Jan 16 18:44 | Last modified: 10 Feb 16 17:18

Visit to Christchurch (25 images)

We have been learning about Families and Celebrations. We went to Christchurch and Father John told us all about baptism and what it means to belong to God's Family.

Created: 22 Jan 16 18:10 | Last modified: 10 Feb 16 17:12

The Museum of Childhood (44 images)

As part of our History topic 'Old and New Toys' we visited The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green where we looked at and played with toys from the past. We all had a great time!

Created: 22 Jan 16 17:47 | Last modified: 10 Feb 16 17:08

The Convent (9 images)

We loved visiting the Convent. It was so calm and peaceful in the chapel and sister Penny and sister Chris made us feel very welcome there. We prayed together and sang special hymns. We are looking forward to vising the Convent again!

Created: 22 Jan 16 18:22 | Last modified: 23 Jan 16 13:12

Art Week (18 images)

We had so much fun during Art Week! Thank you to Oliwia's mum who showed us some clever sketching techniques. Look at the prize winners for the best illustration, painting, art of the week and the mask.

Created: 6 Jul 15 06:39 | Last modified: 23 Jan 16 12:49












Group reading

Year 5sliteracy/numeracy


Year 4s


(Music with Mr. Foister)







Class Assembly




Mrs Balli

Topic 1.10-3.15









Singing Assembly

Spelling test




Mrs Balli


I.C.T. & P.E. 1.10-3.15










Group reading

Madame Taylor

French & Literacy1.10-3.15




Times table test







Mr Cook



Learning to lead

Golden time