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Year 4

About Our Year Group

Welcome to Year 4.  There are two classes: 

Class I - Miss Dineen

Class J - Mrs Whitewood

Support Staff: Mrs Jackson and Mrs Perera


Welcome to Year 4!

In the Autumn term our topic work will focus on the Romans. We will be visiting the Roman amphitheatre and Roman gallery in London and will also be spending a day 'being a Roman'! The children will learn about who the Romans were, why they came here and what changes they brought to this country. The work will be completed through class discussion, independent study and research. Our art and D.T work this term will be linked to the topic, including making Roman Coins and creating Roman mosaics. In English and Maths we will be following the topic set out in the National Curriculum (see subject areas for plans). The children will be spending their P.E time improving the important life skill of swimming.

After Christmas our topic focus moves to the Ancient Maya and Mexico. We will have a special Maya visitor and will experience the tastes, sounds and sights of Mexico. Our Art and D.T work this term will be linked to the topic, including making Maya headdresses and death masks as well as creating some traditional Maya chocolate with surprising ingredients. In English the children will be covering the National Curriculum objectives while studying Holes by Louis Sacher and Desert Trip by Barbara Steiner, both set in desert climates but with very contrasting stories. In Maths we will be following the topics set out in the National Curriculum. The children will be splitting their P.E time between liturgical dance and outdoor invasion games. 



Y4 River Trip (5 images)

Y4 enjoyed a wonderful day out to the River.

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Y4 French Pen Pal Visit (7 images)

We were very lucky in Y4 when our French Pen Pals came to visit us for the day.

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First Aid (11 images)

Year 4 were given first aid training. They learnt how to stop a nosebleed by applying pressure. Place someone in the recovery position and stop bleeding from a limb. It was a fun and informative learning experience.

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Liturgical Dance (14 images)

As part of our preparation for Crowning of Our Lady Year 4 created a series of reflective dance moved linked to 'Mary did you know?' For anyone who missed it, join us at the crowning in May to see some examples of their lovely routines!

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Maya Day (12 images)

As our introduction to the Ancient Maya's, Year 4 held a Maya day. Dressing as a Maya we spent the day in the hall learning about their lifestyle, inventions and beliefs. We were even visited by a real life Maya warrior named Big Nose!

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Y4 Roman Trip (7 images)

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Year 4 Learning (22 images)

Throughout the term the children participate in many different types of activities. Here are some photographs of them enjoying some of the range of learning they undertake.

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Year 4 Roman Day (21 images)

On the October 12th Year 4 was taken back in time to Ancient Rome. We spent the day dressed as Romans, learning about many aspects of Roman life. The children were trained as Roman soldiers and the tortoise shell skills were put to the test when they came under attack from their heavily armed teachers!

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Gurdwara Visit (5 images)

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Race for Life Y4 (5 images)

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Year 4 Mass (6 images)

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Christmas Talent Show 2015 (5 images)

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Book Week Y4 2015 (8 images)

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Art Week 2015 (5 images)

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Sportathon 2015 (8 images)

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Crowning of Our Lady 2015 (5 images)

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River Trip 2015 (9 images)

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Year 4 Presentation- Our Trip to the Maritime Museum (97 images)

Classes I and J enjoyed designing their own PowerPoint slides about our trip to the Maritime Museum. They especially enjoyed presenting their presentation to their parents.

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Year 4 Sportathon (25 images)

One minute for each excercise was hard but we all managed and tried to keep on smiling.

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Year 4 Ice Palace Freeze Frames (14 images)

We read a great book called "The Ice Palace" by Robert Swindells. Starjik is a frightening character who steals children in the winter. To get a feel for how the villagers might have felt in the lovely summer months and then how it changed coming up to the dreaded winter season, we created "Freeze Frames". Can you tell how they felt or what they were thinking?

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Food Technology (8 images)

How do you think that you can make your own healthy and tasty dessert? Just ask anyone in Year 4 how to make 'Fruit Yoghurts' They can research, select, chop, mix and taste - all of this without a fuss! Lots of children have been inspired to create their own versions at home.

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