About Us

St Mary’s Catholic School has a thriving Association of Parents (PA) which contributes significantly to providing your children with the tools to aid their learning. Recent contributions have resulted in a transformed Nursery Playground, Numicom boards, and simple things like Christmas Crackers for the school dinner.

The PA, led by 2 Chairs and a hard-working committee, organises a range of events throughout the year to suit all tastes and budgets. As a newly appointed board we are on a mission to build a community within the school not only focusing on fundraising but keeping parents connected to the school! We are just regular parents who work toward common goals. All parents are automatically members of the PA so there is no more to do to join! Although the more we know about what you can help with is better for us. I

Contact us via email on: stmaryspaeltham@gmail.com and we encourage you to keep updated via the St. Mary’s PA page on the school’s website.


WHO ARE WE Co-Chairs: Emma Rowley Melanie Aird-Benjamin

Treasurer: Sarah Rawlins

Vice-Treasurer: Samantha Tovey

Secretary: Lisa Garrity

Supported by a committee of committed parents and friends of the PA.


As we increase our drive to have as many parents join the team, our aim is to make volunteering FUN! Even if you can’t volunteer your time, we would love you to attend our quarterly meetings and give your input. We value your feedback and ideas! As a PA we have a huge responsibility for many events and whilst not every event is a breeze to pull off, the more hands on deck the more we can make a difference in the quality of the events we host.