St Mary's Wins The Swimming Gala

Last Friday, St Mary’s were victorious at the Greenwich Borough Primary School Swimming Gala, winning the girls, boys and overall awards.  The team consisted of Polly Denney, Molly Kenny, Rose McMillan, Eloise Knowles, Lunah Greenfield, Emily Kane, Elisabeth Huille,  Lauren Crowley, Theo Jeffrey, Wole Akinyede, Ben Davy, Daniel Lee-Austin, Jacob Jeffrey, Michael Shoniwa, Sidney Richards, Finley Mansell, Liam Jenkins and Marcus Pennington. 

We all received a gold medal for winning the gala and most received a medal for their races. Everyone had a smile on their face at the end! Thank you very much to Miss Winter and Mrs Winter for giving up so much of their time to coach us and help us train. Thank you also for our parents for supporting us on the day

By Jacob Jeffrey