School Council

School Council


The School Council meet Miss Dineen every fortnight to pass on the views from their classes, to look at what charities they would like to support for Advent and Lent, and to think about enhancing the school generally. They have a voice and like to share their views. Miss Dineen ensures all the staff hear these views, minutes are shared and Miss Jackson (Headteacher) has an opportunity to reply. On occasions, Governors or staff members are invited to these meetings. The Chair of Governors has been invited to a meeting as the children wanted the Governors to hear about their views for a new playground surface. Mrs Kingdon (Premises Manager) was also invited to a meeting as the children wanted to talk about their toilets and how things could be improved. Our School Council gathers and shares views so is very proactive.


Here are our School Councillors for 2017-18

Class C     Lucas Edwards and Betty O'Donnell

Class D     Martin Ivanov and Lilah Cork

Class E     Niamh Rowley and Zachary Linane

Class F     Ronnie Penfold and Summer White

Class G     Julia Kaltenberg and Sebastian Williams

Class H     Shannon Perera and George Jones

Class I     Callum O'Shea and Nicole Kelleher

Class J     Oskar Rapacewicz  and Niamh O'Connor-Riley

Class K     Ella Noone and Witold Kupijaj

Class L     Rosie Wohlman and Paddy Robinson

Class M     Ann-Marie Crabbe and Joseph O'Toole

Class N     Liam Jenkins and Chloe Elliott


The School Council would like to thank everyone kindly for all your charity support so far this year. The following is a list of what was raised and who the money is going to:

 Providence Row £371.65

 RSPCA £123.70

 Greenwich and Bexley Hospice £228.09

We will inform you of the amount raised for Save the Children for Christmas Jumper Day as soon as we have counted the money.

The Y5 Faith Friends raised a staggering £698.72 on behalf of the Poppy Appeal. Very well done to them, standing out in all weathers for such a good cause.