Working at Home

In the event of a school closure, we believe that children would benefit best from having a clear structured day to help them minimise the disruption to their learning. Therefore, we are expecting them to complete work every day. 

Each year group has provided instructions of activities that children can complete at home.

Furthermore - there are more general subject links at the bottom of this page. 

Suggested timetables:

Parents should create a timetable that works for themselves. 

St James - Petts Wood have created timetables for each year group. Click here for the link.  


Year group activities: 



Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

General Resources

1) LGFL - In addition, the school has access to London Grid for Learning (LGFL) which has wide range of online resources that children can use to support their learning at home. 

Click on this link: LGFL Education Apps: 

Instructions about how to logon

Suggested Apps that will link to St Mary's curriculum.

Children will need their login details which they have been provided with at school.

(Update - LGFL have just announced that these are now available without a login - but please keep login details as they may be needed in future) 

2) Classroom secretsClick the link to find additional resources from Classroom Secrets. 

3) Twinkl is an online resource that has produced Home Learning Packs in the event of school closure. It may not match exactly the topics that are currently being taught at St Mary's, but it is a good resource to keep children learning. It also offers a daily programme that children can complete. 

Click on this link: Home Learning Packs. 

You will need this code: UKTWINKLHELPS and to sign up to access the learning. 

4) Phonicsplay website -to support with the teaching of phonics for our younger children. #

5) Science Links: 

  • Year 1 Science: Look out for signs of Spring around you. What changes do you see around you in this season. Thinking time: How is it different from Summer or Autumn? Record your observations.
  • Year 2 Science: Look around your local area and identify plants and living things that you see. Make a list. How many plants and living things can you identify? What is the link between animals and plants?
  • Year 3 Science HW on Yaear Three SHeet. 
  • Year 4 Science: Egg-xperiments changes of states: Choose an experiment and write a detailed conclusion based on what you’ve observed
  • Year 5 Science: Egg-xperiments materials: Choose an experiment and write a detailed conclusion based on what you’ve observed
  • Year 6 Science: Evolution topic- explore the following website and make notes on how you have classified the wildlife species you see:

Science Eggxperiment 1

Science Eggxperiment 2

6) Geography Links

There are a range of games available online. There’s a huge range of apps available also which are really fun and interactive


National Geographic for kids:


World Geography Games .

Where we live – Explore different types of houses


Lake District

Crickweb – KS2 (available for KS1) .

 BBC Bitesize – KS2 (available for EYFS & KS1)

Mobile Apps


-Speed Geography

-Where is this? Geography Quiz

-Geography Quiz Game 3D

-Volcano 360˚

-Stack the countries

-Flags and Capitals


7) Wellbeing

Document of Wellbeing Links

14 Day Wellness Challenge

COVID19 - What to say to children.

COVID19 - Visual Guide for children with ASD

8) Physical Education

The Body Coach Youtube TV