Year 5

Update for Monday April 27th. 

All students must log onto Google Classroom for future work.  

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Update for Monday April 20th

Update for Monday April 13th 


Update April 6th 2020

Update March 2020

Please click this link for the Year 5 activities that children can complete at home.




About Our Year Group

Mrs Williams - Class K

Miss Hogan - Class L

Support Staff: Mrs Perera, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Jennings and Mrs Townsend

Miss Hogan and Mrs Williams are delighted to be teaching Y5 this year. They have lots of creative activities planned for the children with many visitors joining them over the year to enhance the curriculum. Y5 is such an important year group and high standards are expected. More homework is set and children must show far greater independence. However, learning with a fun element is the way forward.

Curriculum Overview Y5