Music at St Mary's 

July 2021

Please see the end of year performance from the staff and students at St Mary's






July 2021

St Mary's School Song Video



April 2021

Please see St Mary's Chamber Choir's performance of 'Fix You'. This performance has been highlighted at the Challenge Partners National Conference in April 2021. We are so proud of all the children for their performances. Thank you also to our past pupils for helping to inspire the next generation of musicians.  









March 2021

Please see the latest performance from the School Chamber Choir of 'Fix You'. This has been recognised by Challenge Partners at a national conference for school leaders. 




October 2020

Harvest video: 

Harvest is an important time of the year for celebration at St Mary’s. This year the whole school have created a special video performance featuring a lovely combination of artwork, poetry, dance, drama and music. We followed government guidelines and social distance rules when recording each class singing in small groups and joined it all together to create our song. We hope you enjoy it.



June 2020 

St Mary's Chamber Choir's performance of This is Me. Thanks to Mrs McGarry for her editing skills. 







April / May 2020

All St Mary's staff are missing seeing the children, so we wanted to make a video to make them smile and show them how much we are looking forward to seeing them.

Thanks to Mrs McGarry for organising. 

Please click this link!

We hope you enjoy it! 

School Song

In March 2020, led by our music teacher Mrs McGarry, St Mary's students composed our first ever school song.

Students in every year group including Nursery were asked to write lyrics inspired by the school. Years 4 and 5 also helped with the melody and rap. Mrs McGarry then worked with a number of classes to put the lyrics together and create the melody. 

Mrs McGarry has recorded the song at home for students (and adults) to learn and when we are back in school, we will try and record it properly.  

Please click the links below for the school song and lyrics. 

School Song


Class C 

Click this link to see the Class C video. 


This is Me June 2020